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Product Catalog

  • Fabric Bowls
    Sew So Much is proud to bring to you a variety of festive bowls... made out of fabric! Fabric bowls made out of seasonal material can add a beautiful finishing touch to your holiday decorating. These bowls are washable and reversible, so you can quickly alter the look of your bowl.

    The bowls are made with a variety of fabrics and finished with a commercial quality embroidery thread on all edges. We generally do two layers of stitching to provide a finer quality finish. The structure is provided by a stiff inner layer (Timtex) that is both durable and washable. As each bowl is hand-crafted the exact measurements may vary from one bowl to the next. Bowls can have pointed corners, rounded corners, cropped corners, or almost any other shape that you can imagine.

  • Eyelash Yarn Scarves
    We offer a variety of scarves in a variety of patterns, yarns, and colors. Each one is hand-knit, so the lengths may vary from one scarf to the next. These scarves are all hand-knit from eyelash yarn which provides a fun texture and look.

  • Other Scarves
    All scarves on our website are hand-knit. The scarves in this category are made from a variety of different patterns and yarns. Some may be knit from hand-dyed and/or hand-spun yarn.

  • Place Settings
    These colorful and fun coordinated placemats are sure to be a hit, whether you use them at your dinner table or on your next picnic. Each set comes with a set of four coordinated placemats and napkins. Most sets also include matching coasters and napkin rings, and some include a hot pad as well.

    We can create custom fabric bowls to complement your set. Choose a matching or contrasting fabric, or feel free to mix and match from our current inventory. Custom orders are welcome.

  • Napkins
    These colorful and fun napkins are sure to be a hit, whether you use them at your dinner table or on your next picnic. Many feature kid-friendly designs that will delight your children at the table. Most are sets of 4, unless otherwise noted.

  • Other Miscellaneous
    There are a few things that don't fit into a category of their own so we've put them all here.

Our Blog

  • Our ongoing online diary of projects and life in general.

About Us

  • Read a bit about the folks behind this site.

Contact Us

  • Contact us for a product quote, a website issue, or anything else you might feel like.

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